hp carby install pls help

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Huotalicus, Feb 3, 2014.

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    hey guys pls help me im new to this site but need some advice

    im curently trying to install a hp carby on a 70cc engine but am having problems with the throttle cable being too short or not letting out enough cable to allow free play and retract. with the std throtttle cable can i simple cut around the rubber sleeve and shorten it to allow more freew wire....???

    thisis the issue, when i install the cable it over revs due to the cable pulling too tight from not having enough length free foir the throttle to sit correctly inside the housing for it... will my way work if i simply cut it down shorter????the sleeve that is

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    you can very carefully nibble away at the outer sheave, taking one turn off at a time, and unwinding it from the cable. youll see that the outer sheave is actually flat wire, wound up in a tightly coiled spring...

    or you can cut the nipple off, pull cable in so you can remove some of the outer sheave easily, push cable back out, kink the last mm or so of cable, and make a blob of solder on the end. kinking the cable stops it pulling through the solder. silver solder is even better if you have a blowtorch, as its much stronger than plain tin/lead electrical stuff.