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    They are reported to have a hotter spark. I know the guy listing the items, and he is good to do business with.

    Question is?
    Do you need a hotter spark?

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    if you want something really neat, just order the CDI from Honda, as it has a 9 degree advance and really helps the top end.

    Better explain in detail how this works. The Honda CDI actually retards the timing, not advancing it. It starts out 9 degrees retarded, and advances to normal at 1800 RPMs. What is needed is the mechanical timing trigger advanced to 23 degrees from 14. When running below 1800 the timing would be 14 BTDC and then advanced to 23 degrees above 1800 RPMs.
    This setup runs better at low RPMs and adds the needed advance at higher RPMs.
    BTW the Honda CDI is very expensive [normally over $100.00].

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