HT wont run **with** choke..

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by kjparker, May 22, 2008.

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    I just got my HT running last nite, however It will not run or even start with the choke on!

    It will start (easily) with the choke all the way off. Also the engine is bogging down at low speed.

    Is this indicative of running rich? If so, which direction on the needle should I move the circlip in the carb needle?

    Any other suggestions?

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    ok, pulled the plug, and noticed it was black and wet, meaning very rich.

    Moved the circlip to the very first notch, hoping to make it leaner, however it didnt do much... Plug is still black, jut not wet...

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    KJ - how do you make the mixture adjustment? I read that there is no adjustment and was thinking I'll have to upgrade to a better carby. The only screw I have is the idle screw...unless something else is hidden. I bog at low speeds, too...was thinking of lowering the gearing to get the motor running faster at slower speeds...mixture is the REAL answer, I guess...

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    you move the circlip on the needle in the carby. Towards the end for leaner, towards the center for richer
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    KJ - can you show me a picture? Are you talking about the e-clip that is used for the throttle assembly? If I remember correctly on mine, there was only 1 channel for the clip.

    Also - I'm in Florida - it's warm...I start with the choke on, but then it's a race to turn it off before the motor quits. Once I've run the motor for more than a minute or so, I never use the choke to re-start, except to turn it off.

  6. KJ -I think you are running rich but also you should be running a "rich" mixture of oil/gas. It will probably will work itself out as you get the engine broken in. You might want to try the 2nd from bottom or maybe even bottom slot and see how that does.

    Mark -there are 4 slots on the clip. Here in Florida I run 2nd from bottom. I also run a 50t sprocket for gearing. I also only use the choke first start of the day.
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    Mister - I gotta pull the carb apart, cause I really don't remember more than one place, otherwise I'm sure I would have asked about it.. 50t - is this to keep the engine at higher rpms at lower speeds, or so you can take off from a stop, unassisted? :)

    I came home today doing about the rain clouds (I won for a change)...but how bad do you think I'll be winding out at that speed with your sprocket? I think this is what I want to do, however.
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    BTW: Just got some goodies from Dax in the mail: bearing pulley tensioner (Good upgrade), and a really nice clutch handle. DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED! Compared to the crappy one I got from Powerking...that went in the "sell on eBay bin". Who wants a stepped clutch???? I never even installed it....but going to put on my new upgrades right now!

    I LIKES MY BIKE! Oh, and I'm keeping it for now afterall!

  9. The 50t is to keep the engine rpm up for a smoother ride at lower speeds. I dont need to do 30. Top end now is about 23 but really cruises nice at 15-17

    Sorry to step on your thread KJ..
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    Well...I think I'll stick with the stock gearing, and maybe just try making the mixture adjustment after the next tank, at which time I'll also switch to synthetic with a lower oil ratio.

    I also think pipe-length has something to do with it. (The header portion). Can't really adjust it, but I think it's tuned for high end, not low end.

    Well, I think I have several ideas on getting the low end to run a bit smoother...but I need to continue to be patient, and finish the break-in process (2-3 more tanks I think).