huasheng transmission ratio 26 inch wheel 20mph max


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Nov 4, 2019
Hello.I just bought a huasheng 4 stroke kit with the purpouse of using it for glovo and burnt 2 chineese clutches.i think i don t have the proper gear ratio,since the clutch is slipping to its death :))).So....i started digging and found this premade bike with premade tranny and a better type of clutch.
after all their yt videos seen
i think the total ratio is 1/55 meaning for 55 crankshat spins,the wheel spins one time.i hope i did it correct.that bicycle has 25 mpg top speed.
i need mine to accelerate quick so the top speed will be 20 mph.(better torque)
i have a "hoot" tranny(i know the chain will fly off after some time) (1:3 ratio) that end with 10 tooth sprocket (415 chain) and the 26 inch wheel has attached a 44 t sprocket.
i have total ratio of about 1:13 stock which i think it s junk
I really dom t know know what to do now.
should i buy a clutch bell that fits better the clutch or change the ratio of the tranny or buy different clutch or ditch the project and build powerlifter legs....
i bought from aliexpress 2 shoe clutch and hope would solve the problem...
please help me :D

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Jul 2, 2018
Typically an MB has a 20:1 overall gear ratio. That's good for about 25-30 mph. Your 13:1 bike probably doesn't launch very well but should have a lot of top speed. At least until the transmission pukes.

The Grubee belt drive is a good match for the Huasheng engine, comes with 9t and 10t sprockets. Kind of spendy, but a nice piece of kit that will do the job and last a long time. With the 5:1 drive and 9/44 chain your overall will be 24.4, nice and torquey and will put you right about 20-25 mph top.