Huffy Nel Lusso Safe?


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Apr 2, 2017
Alright, I've got the engine mounted and the chain for the engine is tightened perfectly the engine starts as well . I still haven't found a solution for the throttle cord only turning so far nor a sufficient way to mount the throttle mounts to prevent them from sliding. Could any one provide some pictures or video as aid?

Oh, btw, the original bicycle chain is popping and a tad loose, are there anyways to remedy this? I can likely provide further explanation that will benefit the problem solving process if I can get some feed back on possible fixes or problems.

@Frankenstein, @Baconator101, @Photojunky; I noticed you built a nel lusso motorized bike as well, and tips?
You mention trouble with mounting of the throttle? Does your throttle have a little "STUD" Piece right where it enters the handlebars? All you have to do is loosely insert the throttle onto your handlebars, measure and mark where that little "stud" sits on the handlebars. Before drilling though sit on the bike and test out the throttle position on your wrist, you don't want it too far back or too far forward. Once you find that sweet spot, drill your handle bar, and set that stud piece from your throttle into the hole you just drilled and tighten properly.