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    Hi Guys,
    Just discovered your site and love it. This thing we call Motorized Bikes is getting bigger and bigger each day. I can not begin to explain the thrill and the joy the first time I popped my clutch and had "the thing work". Wow. What an experience. My son installs and builds these things so I get to "test drive" most bikes that come off the assembly line, about three a day. Wow, what an experience everytime I let the clutch out and feel a new one spring to life. When I am riding my "new motorized bike", I can't help but remember back when I was a kid and dreamed my little schwinn had a real motor on it. So guess what, now it does. I guess there is a little bit of a kid in all of us and I am sure we never really quite grew up, but that's the beauty of it. Thanks for letting me share and hope to read about each of you in the coming days and weeks. Happy motoring and don't forget to duck....
    Bill Alexander better known as ralex999

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