I believe im running Lean...

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by lildeezul, Jul 3, 2008.

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    ok.. so i my engine, doesnt seem to run smoothly.. it has a litle bog.
    You know how engine are when they are cold, and you first start it up ( it bogs and doesnt have much power). well my bike does just that but not really harsh.. it runs ok, but has that little noticable bog all throughout. (mostly midrange)..

    the plug looks golden brown.
    but i thought it was rich, so i took off the aircover ( big black bulgy thingy) and i ran the ailrfilter without the cover. and it was really worse than before. It defineatly felt like a cold engine.. So since i removed the bulgy thingy, which allows more air into the engine , i believe im lean.

    what do yall say?

    also how do i go about checking for air leaks ?

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    close down the choke a little bit and try it. you can burn your cylinder and piston running lean.
  3. lildeezul

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    the choke is all the way down...
  4. If your engine still runs with the choke on you most probably have an air leak at the carby or the intake manifold. Start the engine and take a spray bottle with water in it and mist it at the connections, if you hear the engine start to shut down that is where your air leak is.....
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    No, what im trying to say is that the choke lever is all the way down.. The choke is off. But when my bike is warmed up its feels like its still cold, ( that loss of power)

    and when i took my aircover off it was even worse.. thats why i getting the idea of it being lean
  6. When it is running and you close the choke, does the engine stall right away?

    If you took the air filter off that would just make you MORE lean, MORE airflow. Check for leaks, put the air filter back on, try lowering the clip on the needle inside the carb ONE notch and try riding it.. Lowering the clip will raise the needle and richen the air/ fuel....
  7. lildeezul

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    when i push the choke lever up, its cuts off immediatley.....

    yeah ima try to move the needle clip down one notch. ill post back and let everyone know
  8. The way to check to see if you are lean wuld be to close the choke SOME, not all the way and see if it runs better. If it does run better than you are lean, and dont have enough fuel in the air/ fuel mix when you have full air flow that you get when the choke is opened.....Might want to try that before moving clip....