i cant belive this

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by turbo/chaos, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. turbo/chaos

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  2. RdKryton

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    I agree that's crazy. $2.00 for air? BTW This thread belongs in the White Zone.

  3. turbo/chaos

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    oh sorry (can a admin please move it sorry for the wrongful place ment)
  4. I would get a sign over my shirt next to that store that reads "ONE DOLLA!" and holding a hand pump.
  5. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    ok i went in ther the cheapist bike is 450 for a pacifca beach bike um wal mart is 100 same company

    and they are buying out the surplus of used bike on a&m and reselling them at 300 bucks when they get them in bulk for only 20bucks what a crook
  6. codi79

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    Across the street at the gas station it charges $0.50 for air and i though that was a bit much, but $2.00 thats quite a bit.
  7. Usually when you walk into any business that has over inflated prices that's usually a front for a bigger illegal operation and they usually don't like customers at all.
    I remembered going in this scrap yard and found a seat FRAME not even a whole seat and just out of curiosity I asked the guy how much and he said $75.00. Then I looked around and realized that I'm the only customer there and that I haven't ever recalled anyone parked up front as I've passed by. About a month later I read the paper and discovered that scrap yard was a front for a money laundering operation from the local mafia.
    That bike shop is doing something shady. Something shady indeed.
    No one in their right mind would charge 2 dollars for air unless they don't want customers.
  8. quay1962

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    dont worry

    we need things to practice on in moddy class just notate where to go later 8...that is crazy on the air thing...i've paid a quarter before...guy must be from mars and total recall...:grin:
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  9. graucho

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    You must get to keep the air nozzle for that price.
  10. KiDD

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    [rant]First of all I work at a gas station. People come in all the time to tell me to turn the air on. California law states that gas stations must provide free air and water to customers who purchase motor vehicle fuel. Since the air machine gets vandalized and broken more then anything we outsource it's operations to a company that does air machines. They give us tokens to give to customers so that they can use the air machine, sometimes we run out of token :( I usually give tokens to people who are riding bikes, otherwise it's 75cents. (Use to be 50 cents but they raised it recently) If you ask nicely I am more likely to give you air for free, but don't be a d-bag and expect service.[/rant]
  11. RdKryton

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    I would have.....


  12. KiDD

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    Oh yea, people steal our air nozzle all the time! That one reason we outsourced it.
  13. eltatertoto

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    here, we have a local garage, that has a compressor inside, but a nozzle outside. and when you are done you wrap the hose around an old car rim mounted on the wall!! lol