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    Well i am basically done with my bike but after going to ride it, i realized that the gearing is way too high. i have to pedal to about 15 mph before starting the engine, then it barely works good. i need to get a bigger sprocket for the back wheel but the only place that i have found to get one big enough is kings sales and service. i need about a 65 to 70 tooth sprocket and at kings it is going to cost 67 bucks plus 13 bucks shipping, so 80 bucks for the sprocket. well considering im not going to use this as a daily driver (its just going to be once or twice a week, that is a little too expensive. also i bought the weedeater off of craigslist for 40 bucks, so i would hate to pay twice as much for the sprocket as i did for the engine. well anyways, i cant make up my mind if i want to pay the 80 bucks for the sprocket and have it on a 23cc weedeater, which i know isn't very big but i only weigh 140 lbs and its served its purpose cause i have learned alot about small engines by tinkering with it, or just buy a kit for 230 from dax and be done with it. i just dont know what to do. 230 is kindof alot for me too but it would be new, i dont have a clue how much the weedeater was used. well thanks for listening to me ramble. heres a picture of the bike so far. oh and also if i do buy a kit, i will also have to buy a bike off of craigslist or somewhere because this one couldn't be frame mounted because of the suspension.

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    Is there any way to get a smaller sprocket on the engine itself or on the smaller sprocket on the jackshaft? Either or both would bring the ratio down. What kind of sprockets and what tooth count are they?
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    yeah i thought about that too.

    well i kindof thought about that. it would be possible i guess to put a smaller one on the engine. the sprockets are a 12 tooth on the engine going to a 43 tooth on the jackshaft, then a 14 tooth freewheel from the jackshaft to another 43 tooth on the back wheel. i will try to look for a smaller sprocket for the engine because i hate to buy another freewheel, since that one was 16 bucks. thanks for the help. i may have to end up buying a smaller sprocket for the engine, then a 55 tooth sprocket for the rear wheel from somewhere. ok so i looked at a ratio calculator, and if i get an 8 tooth on the engine and a 55 tooth on the rear wheel, that would get it geared to about a 21:1 ratio, which is fine because it is a small engine so i would want it geared down enough. and if that is too low, i can always buy a 10 tooth sprocket for the engine. thanks for the help, i think i am going to start looking for an 8 tooth sprocket, and hopefully i can find a 55 tooth somewhere since thatsdax is out of stock. well thanks again you have saved me some money.:grin:

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    well i cant find anything

    well i looked on ebay and tried googling but i cant find anything. i am looking for an 8 tooth sprocket. it doesnt matter how it is mounted cause i have a welder to change the mounting. also i need a 55 tooth sprocket. i know that thatsdax has them but they are out of stock and have been for quite a while. if someone could please tell me where to find them, that would be awesome. thanks for any help.
  5. Remove that drive chain and rear sprocket. Remove that chain from engine to first sprocket and extend it. Bring that jackshaft down lower and space it so it hits your tire. Remove that sprocket and add a friction drive.
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    That final sprocket connected to your engine would probably be too big. But smaller sprockets you can find in kids bikes.
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    why all of the extra chains and sprockets? More moving parts means more chance for trouble. (not that I am an expert)
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    Try McMaster Carr http://www.mcmastercarr.com enter sprockets in the search and then click on Ansi 41 Roller Chain sprockets they have them as small as 6t