I Forget What My Wife Looks Like

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ENO, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. ENO

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    I have an Internet lover.. MBc...ENO (Down Under) (not on top anymore)

  2. srdavo

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    It's great to have a hobby 'We' luv.

    Just don't neglect the little woman......
    her next husband, might be more attentive!! :devilish:

    Been there.....Lost that! :thinking: :(

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  3. graucho

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    I refuse to leave a comment in this thread due to my wife might read it.:ack2:
  4. ZnsaneRyder

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    I'm not married anymore, so I can say a few things.

    First, don't give up your hobby for your woman. Keep doing what you like to do.

    Second, don't dedicate all your time to your hobby, share time with your wife.

    Three, as long as your wife respects you and your hobby, than it's great. Always let her know how thankful you are to have her there to enjoy those good times, so the hobby becomes part of the many things you enjoy together that bond you as a couple.

    You can get her on a bike. Even if not, then when she wants to do her hobbies, you do yours as well to split time wisely, so you have more time to spend together.

    Also when you have one of those great days and your bike is working and you are happy, let your woman know that when you go to bed..................... :cool: :jester:
  5. ENO

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    My other bike is built for comfort, not speed.

    Thanks ZN..The Stingray is a build my 13 year old and myself built for him, so when he finally gets out on it I think Ill look my wife over from top to toe, I know the territory very well but there is always something you missed on the last adventure, or the thousand before that one. The bike is looking real good but she has a better saddle, a finer tuned motor with more capacity, great set of pipes, lovely handlebars, a real nice head, a great front fork, no horn, nice headlights especially in winter, with no exposed wiring and no saddlebags. Shes also fast and good at cornering, and can stop without leaving any skid marks. Weve done a lot of miles together with only a few minor crashes, but you wouldnt know because theres not one scratch or dint on the bodywork.There are a few hairline cracks in the frame, but I can live with that... Whoops... got to go..my son just got home, so Im going to let him go for a long ride to test the bike..(couple of days)..see you when he gets back if Im still able to crawl to the computer desk...Thanks for the good advice.
    ENO.. (Down Under) and soon to be back on top.
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    I know the feeling i spend most of the day working on one of my 7 bikes and riding them i admittedly am an addict. It may get cured next week because we are going to manage a motel in another town. However more roads to explore !!