I got Mine!

Discussion in 'Laws, Legislation & Emissions' started by zztinker, May 28, 2009.

  1. zztinker

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    I got Mine! California Lic. plate that is. $19.00. Took three weeks. I used the Ser# from the bottom of the crank for the Vin# and used what ever # for the engine. I'm 70 years old and I think this bike is the greatest, we RV to Pismo Beach quite often and now I can keep up with my wife peddling all over town...:jester:

  2. blime81

    blime81 New Member

    Thats great, I'm glad to hear they are still doing this (not for me but for someone at least).

    I'm going to resubmit my stuff, what address did you send it to? Also did you include anything besides the check and the 230 form? Pics, description etc?

    Thanks and have fun!
  3. zztinker

    zztinker New Member

    Just get on line to this page: >http://www.dmv.org/ca-california/other-types.php#Mopeds_or_Motorized_Bicycles> Find Motorized Bicycle instructions/Application......
    Fill out Section A and D....Answer yes to all "A" . For the Vin# put the serial # of the bike.(bottom of crank) and whatever number you want to use for the engine number. Sign it and mail it in with $19.00. No picture or anything else. Took about thee weeks. Good luck to you...............
  4. blime81

    blime81 New Member

    Thanks zztinker, this will be my 3rd attempt for registering. 1st time they wanted a pic and when I sent it back I got the "you don't need to register that".

    I guess my form just winds up on the wrong persons desk or something.

    You know what they say third times the charm. We shall see.....
  5. sabala

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    Blime81, are you sending to the main Sacramento DMV or to your local DMV? Just curious.
  6. Mountainman

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    I look at my watch and holler to her --

    that's also how I keep up with my wife
    she can peddle really fast
    I follow behind her
    and when people check us out
    I look at my watch and holler to her -- you are doing great honey

    people think that I am her riding coach

    as she rides that bicycle THING fast
  7. eastwoodo4

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    lol mm.thats funny
  8. blime81

    blime81 New Member

    I have been sending them to the Sac office listed on the form. If this latest try does not net me a plate, I'm going to take Mountainmans suggestion and try a walk-in trip to the DMV.
  9. bikebum1975

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    To funny MM riding coach. LOL
  10. zztinker

    zztinker New Member

    License Plate http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t5/zztinker/bikelicDSC_0505.jpg