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    Hi I have a bumleg. I would like to get a motorized bike. I know nothing. I work in Alaska. I was in Anchorage on a break and saw a bike like I had never seen before. I know things are "Tougher in Alaska" This thing has a monster frame, bigger than I have seen. I live about 5 miles from town, some roads are dirt. This bike had a motor, like I have seen on the web. The bike was locked to a light post I never found the owner. I wish I had a camera. Well here is my dilemma. I know nothing, any help anyone can give me to either buy or make a bike would be greatly appreciated. I live in Washington, and I talked to the police they said 49cc or less. I looked up the law and 49cc it has to be. I have a 60s schwinn but it has skinny tires and I think the frame is wimpy? plus it is a 3 speed, most bikes I have seen are single speed. All I can say is PLEASE HELP
    Thank You

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    Hi Bum, welcome to Motoredbikes! Begin by spending a lot of time here.
    Personally, I would not use a road bike at all.
    A mountain bike is just the ticket for diving off the road to get around situations. They are cheap enough, have good brakes on both ends, have gears ( I like gears) and you can get a suspension fork with one.
  3. The bike you saw most likely had what we call a "happy time" 2 cycle Chinese made engine. If that is what you want, the frame of the bike must have enough room between the tubes to fit the motor inside. The gears that come with the bike are all okay, single speed to 21 speeds plus. You will use them to get the bike, if it uses the standard clutch, up to starting speed, then let the clutch engage to start the engine. An alternative is an engine with a centrifugal clutch. You start the engine first with a recoil starter, then pedal and/or motor off. Most of us pedal from a start to ease wear on the clutch, but I can start on engine alone. If you have trouble pedaling with a bum leg, a centrifugal clutch may work better for you. Read much of what we MBers here have built and ride to decide what your needs are and which set-up will work best for you. Mountain bike, cruiser, road bike, chopper, frame mount, rack mount, 2 cycle, 4 cycle, friction drive, chain drive, or belt drive. All work, some prefer one, some another. Whichever one works best for you is exactly what you want.