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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by 350zdrftr, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. 350zdrftr

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    I just got my 80cc kit in today from BIKEBERRY.com , everything seemed to be there and packaged pretty well but there is a small hole in the side of the motor between the cooling fins.

    Another problem I had is there are dents on the exhaust, I plan on taking this stuff up with bikeberry's customer service, but i would like to know how much of a problem this hole is thanks.
    pic of exhaust

  2. fastboy9

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    By the looks of it its just a hole in the casting, there is a nickasil sleeve put inside for the piston to go up nad down, the bike will still work but that is unacceptable really. Fair enough they didnt manufacture it but They are aware of the poor quality and should have checked them all individually. Definetely ask for a new cylinder.
  3. 350zdrftr

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    so is the motor ok to run with that hole there ? I am going to ask for another along with another exhaust, its a little absurd in my opinion. I just tried to call their customer service line and i was sent to their answering machine , but i will keep calling untill i speak with someone. I am honestly a little upset I have been super excited about getting my kit in, doing hours of research with the help of you guys and I really appreciate everything btw
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  4. Junster

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    Totally agree with Fastboy. That cylinder defect is going to fail. Have them replace it. I'd have just lived with the muffler dents but since you have to get a part replacement anyway. Ask them for a muffler too. You paid for pristine parts. I don't think it's their fault. Most places are just reshipping already packed kits.
  5. Junster

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    You know after looking at the pic again, The hole is going into the area where the cylinder bolt is. So I don't think it will fail or even affect the motor. Up to you if you want to live with it or not. Check and make sure it isn't going into the exhaust port. (Or is that the intake side I can't tell)
  6. 350zdrftr

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    its the exhaust side, how can i check to see if its going to the port? i dont want to risk making it any bigger if i do get stuck with it. Still no answer on their customer service line.........
  7. Junster

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    Well just look inside the exhaust opening is there a hole in the side? I'd pull the head and pull that head stud out. So you can see past the stud. It looks from the pic like it only goes into the tube molding for the stud to drop thru. With the head off push the piston to the bottom so you can check the inside of the bore. While your at the point pour a 1/4 cap full of 2 stroke oil in the intake ports inside the cylinder to pre lube the bearings before you start the motor the first time.
  8. Junster

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    I looked at your pic again. I really think it's just a small void going into the stud area. But I'd send them the pics and ask them for the new parts anyway. They probably won't ask you to send it back so run it and see. If it's ok then you'll have a back up cylinder.
  9. 350zdrftr

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    i am trying to contact them now to see about them sending me some replacement parts
  10. 350zdrftr

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    I have sent them an email, left a voice mail and called 6 times , still no answer from bikeberry
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    If u hassle a vendor their LESS likely to get back to u & LESS likely to resolve the situation.
    The hole in the barrel will be ok,but for YOUR peace of mind i'de get that engine replaced;definately the exhaust too.Your probably going to be partly responsible for freight costs...not fair i know but that's the way it is.
    Be NICE(but firm) when u talk to the vendor....also subtley tell him MBc is following this thread.
    Good luck,let us know.
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  12. Mountainman

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    not threaten -- usually best -- but at times OK

    yes if put in a nice way -- a good THING we reckon

    paying with credit cards -- if that's what you used for payment -- usually best
    credit card companies will stand behind the buying customer -- most times

    ride the MB thing
  13. 350zdrftr

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    I just spoke with the vendor he promised me that the hole will in no way affect anything at all , he said he would replace both of them if I wanted if I cover shipping to him, it took me 8 days to get my kit there are insanely slow at shipping to I decided to just make do for now they promised to honor the 6 month warranty
  14. seanhan

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    That's the thing with the H/T's
    Quality in not consistant.
    Bet they don't have a ISO-9001 rating !!!!!!
    But what do you expect they are working for Lunch money !!!!
    You could get out the JB Weld ..... LOL
  15. davidsis

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    I would get the guys name that you talk to and write down what he says, and get some JB weld and put it in that little hole just incase, and if anything happends, tell them that you told them so. I had a hole in my engine in that very same spot I got it off e-bay from boy go fast, and the little hole was never a problem. I just thought of something get a little piece of wire like a bread bag wire and see how far it will go in that hole. If it only goes a little bit hole does not go all the way through. No worries