I never heard the word, "Cager" before- is that me?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by professor, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. professor

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    Is that really a word? Did you guys make that up?
    Is it because drivers are in a "Cage" so to speak?
    When any person gets behind the wheel, do they instantly become a cager?

    I have to say this: When I went to a mountain bike forum for a while, I noticed a lot of arrogance and snippyness. I see none of that here. And I have spent a LOT of time absorbing info. here. Very nice,thank you, and thank you moderators!

  2. 1983JZR3W

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    The term "cager" goes back many, many years. It was most likely coined by some of the 1%'s of the early biker group days. They rarely drove enclosed vehicles and seemed to lothe those that did. :helmet:
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    I have heard that term in the motorcycle crowd and used for a couple of decades now.
    Is that really a word? Did you guys make that up? doubt it, I dunno
    Is it because drivers are in a "Cage" so to speak? yes, they have the comfort and safety enclosed vehicle.
    When any person gets behind the wheel, do they instantly become a cager? Pretty much.
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  4. machiasmort

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    I guess it's all about what it means to you... I imply it to mean the sort of people who act like monkeys behind the wheel (the ones who belong in a cage).

    You know, the cell-phone gabbing, lane swerving, nose picking, sandwich gobbling, lipstick smearing, hair fluffing, text sending idiots, which in general have no respect for lives on two wheels yet alone the killing potential of their vehicle.

    It is a common term used amongst the Clubs up here in NY also. Probably did become popular in the 1% day but most likely had it's roots in the Military, just prior. I think I remember one of the older guy's telling me that it was born in reference to some kind of driver of a Military vehicle, prior the formation of the big clubs after WWII.

    Good Q, I'd be interested if anybody could elaborate further!
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  5. Flapdoodle

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    One really blew me away when I saw her curling her eyelashes while driving.
  6. machiasmort

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    Now, If we see this stuff going on, how do the Cops not?

    I used to be a professional courrier. I've seen people read books!

    Worse are the idiots who tailgate. If I point a gun at you, I can be arrested in all 50 States, unless I have a good reason. Do you know how many times I've passed a Trooper (side of road) with somebody less than 2ft from my rear bumper and in the right lane...

    I know, slam on your breaks and have an insurance nightmare! People who tailgate, have no right to endanger the lives of others and further, people who want to drive slower should allow them to pass! The difference is that the left lane was completely open in these situations.

    It's absurd that they enforce DUI the way they do but not the senseless acts that could cost a life.
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    best one i saw.... young lady.... kid in a carseat, in the back..... holding a cellphone in her ear (left hand)..... writing on a notepad, in the center of her steering wheel (right hand) ! :shock:

    2nd place goes to another multi-tasker.....driving, picking nose, while on the cellphone!!

    I aint lying!

    It's scary out there...... on 2 wheels. :sweatdrop:
  8. machiasmort

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    Best case scenerio would be she hits something minimal dammage, air bag deploys, sending pen thru eye. Kid in carseat survives unscratched to be raised by someone other than an idiot!
  9. MikeJ

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    The one percent of cagers behind the wheels.... Passing me, them at posted highway speeds, me standing still on the shoulder, with no more than 12 inches between us. Even if only their passenger mirror hits me, I am hospital bound. I am wearing a white motorcycle helmet and a full neon-yellow jacket. What are they day-dreaming about? They sure did not see me!

    99 percent of drivers move over, sometimes crossing into an empty lane to get away from me. That makes for pleasant rides.

    760 highway miles and going strong.
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  11. Al.Fisherman

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    Solution.....My speed is directly proportional as to how close they are behind me. Here we have many curves and hills, not much areas to pass and on county roads the speed limit is 45MPH. You'd be surprised how far they back off when you slow down to 20MPH until they get the message.
  12. machiasmort

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    Some of these people are just plain stupid or forgot what it's like to have to walk!
  13. sparky

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    Exactly. That's what I always associate "cagers" with is just being locked-up from the rest of the world. They don't know what it's like to slow down and interact with the real world anymore. They don't know what it's like to have the wind blow thru their hair. They don't know what it's like to forget about the music for just a minute and become one with nature and a motor that both hum songs for you. They don't know what it's like to cheer up the people around them... as if they just saw Superman pedal a bicycle all the way up to 30 mph!! :helmet:

    HAHAHA! Hilarious.


    - Wear helmet. If it's not mandatory there for regular push bikes... this will definitely set you apart from the people pedaling at just 14 mph or less.
    - Get a rear view mirror.
    - Don't try to ride on the solid white line, even if you do have a rear view mirror. You MUST give yourself a few feet to the left of that line or else you will get smashed when you hit a curb, big stick, pothole, gravel, etc. Riding on the solid white line has prolly been the end of several bicyclists, so don't try to be the next!! They can wait to go around you, I'm sure; they always do for me. :grin5:
  14. HoughMade

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    Good advice
  15. machiasmort

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  16. Mountainman

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    consider them to be ones that
    either are too old to really know what's going on around them
    hitting riders at many times
    asked later by the pooolice what happened
    they are not really sure where they woke up that morning !!

    the others are the ones
    who truly don't care about 2-wheelers safty
    try to get close on purpose
    or even bump you and drive away like noTHING ever happened
    one of these ran me up on the crub many years ago
    when I caught up with her she acted like I was the one who was crazy
    she said that she didn't hit me

  17. machiasmort

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    Isn't that crazy tho, to leave a human on the side of the road, like a woodchuck or something! I hope for the persons sake that hit him, they didn't know what they hit or that they are really sorry.

    Wouldn't want to be standing before the "Big Judge" w/ that on my shoulders!

    Yeah, he might a seen it all, but?
  18. Mountainman

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    sad to say but I have been hit by two different old people
    who just leave the scene of the crime

    the one old lady
    cops went to her house after the hit and run
    she told the pooolice that she left the hit and run scene because
    I had threatened her life
    that was some total bull -- she should have been spanked for fibbing

    some old people use their age to their advantage -- taking advantage of others.......

  19. HoughMade

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    Too true, MM,

    but there are plenty of people just not paying attention when they drive or every age. They are in their cage...rest of the world be ****ed.
  20. machiasmort

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    As more details come out, this guy was a hit and run victim years ago. Got his leg broken while he was younger ridding his bike... Didn't catch that cager either.... Very sad!