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    We all know how the cagers unnecessarily threaten our lives. there's a thread just few days old titled "Some people" where one of our brothers in Australia was deliberately pushed off the road by some sheep-heads that thought doing something like that was a real gas. (I hope they're dead by now.) I was going to post this in that thread, but I couldn't find it.

    What about a video camera mounted on our bikes, just like the cops have?
    Heck, since they're getting so inexpensive, let's make it two: one facing front, one facing rear. There wouldn't need to be a lot of memory needed. thirty seconds would be enough, a minute would be plenty. Have some sort of inertial switch (perhaps in tandem with a panic button) that would order the processor to save the last thirty seconds and the next thirty seconds of camera view. Now when a cager does something stupid or evil, we've got a record. If the camera's any good, we've got a license plate.

    If someone could make this reliable (weather proof) and inexpensive and somehow protect it (patent?), then he'd make a real killing.

    He might not be the next Bill Gates, but I'll bet there'd be a healthy demand for something like this.

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    that's a good idea -- little camera -- if we can turn it on in time and not dead first !!!

    on motor bikes -- usually -- the other guy IS THE PROBLEM FOR SURE !!!

    if you happen to get a camera mounted be sure to post a picture - maybe video

    ride that THING
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    this camera is a good and inexpensive option. oregon scientifis atc3k.
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    and they are waterproof, helmet and handle bar mounts, about $125.00---go-pro hero is a good choice.
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    you could use a version of a spy camera, these cameras are painfully small. they require something to record to, but maybe a computer guy out there could find some sort of digital recording way. all wrapped up ina nice box, will be our version of a blackbox.

    and could prob record hours not just seconds
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    Actually watch the video on this somewhere before you buy it. I had the 1k and it sucked so bad i bought the 2k. It sucks equally as bad. Video is really crappy. Neat idea, but they didnt get there on version 1 and 2. Im a bit gun shy on springing for version 3k.
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    I often wonder why they have those cameras at convenience stores, ATM's and gas stations because the video is so choppy and crappy, it is essentially useless.
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    Not 100% true. A cheap camera will usually have a poor recording image. Pay a little more, & you can get one that takes & records nice videos. Like I always have said, " You get what you pay for !"
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    On top of that, most of the time they are time lapse to make an 8 hour tape last 24 hours. That's the main cause of the choppiness. It records a whole lot less frames to save space on tape.

    Could always try a small hand held camera. Standard definition at $180, High Definition for $230.

    Flip Mino and Flip Mino HD

    Plus if you guys really want one of those, I know who is making those designer ones and I can have her design one with the MBC logo.
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    I don't know if you guys saw my post in this thread here, but taking pictures on a moving bike is pretty hard. Unless you've got the thing rigged to run the whole time, I wouldn't bother doing it. My site was called "youalmostkilledme.com" but I could have just as easily called it "ialmostkilledmyselftakingapictureofyoualmostkillingme.com"
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    I'm entirely willing to believe that trying to snap a picture while riding is difficult.

    That's why I'm advocating the "always on" idea. And you merely save what needs saving. Such as the idiot who allows himself to get boxed in so badly that running over a bicyclist is his only way out.