I'm new but been at it for wile !

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  1. Hi Im Michael and having a good time galking at some of the members pics !
    Not seen any from NW Oregon and maybe it's the rain ?
    I have finished my oun project that some might like. Threw some hard work and perserverance got er-done. The old english bike has never went faster then now. I have had a shift-kit sence last fall and had only one problem with that but the heavy-duty frount free wheel fixed that. Lighting and power systems to charge batterys has been the last problem solved. The only real problem with the latter is trying to do all that without comping the bike's athentisity involving the dynohub and the rare diel-o-beam head lamp. So Agin Im mike and if you have any questions on old Sturmy Archer stuff or on LED lighting I might have some Idea's Thanks
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    Welcome! I am interested in the lighting you have done. I am in the process of figuring out lighting for my ride....trying to incorporate turn signals in as well. How is your's set up.
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    Hello, and welcome.

    I agree with Stanf4d. I have lighting on my bike, but being in "the land of the midnight sun" I would like to improve it. I also have some SA equipment that I have some plans for, and will be looking for advice. Again, welcome.