im speaking out and you all need to hear me out



ok iv been here for almost a year and have tried to help out but im not trying to say i dont like helping

its that yes i sell yes i deal but um its geting out of hand with all the deallers
comeing here so im backing out please remove my vender post admins or moderators on the vender area

and i just whant to be known as a member not a seller its just geting out of hand and from what i liked aboute the form when i joind is that there was none of that on here but since it was passed that it was ok it is geting strange

but yes if you need help all help

PEACE and thank you

Large Filipino

I understand I think what you're going thru Turbo. I'm sure you're just out to make a little money on a local level. Having a vendor tag to your name almost makes you a "thing" to go to for stuff instead of just a cool enthusiast. Then I bet people far far away want your stuff and it can get pretty hairy I can imagine.