Inconsistent speed (yes I have searched)

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    good day everyone, recently I have been having inconsistent speed issues. at full throttle, with a sbp expansion chamber, I sometimes get 65km/hr and sometimes get only 50km/hr. I am not sure what is causing but the first trip I get better speed e.g. if I am going somewhere I get the better speed and when I get on the bike again after a little bit of time the speed suffers.

    Any help would be greatly appreciate. Please keep in mind I am no experienced motorized bicycle so a little detail help a lot.


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    was this all on the same day or on different days?
    sometimes the air temp and humidity level will affect how the engine runs and how much power it will make.
    A day with cold dry air will yield more power than a day with warm and humid air.
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    i got no idea.
    i can do 67 up one hill, 28 pedalling up the next....

    all over the shop :)

    gaskets/joins etc seem to play a large role.

    if my mount comes loose i tend to lose band just from the pipe vibrating :rolleyes:
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    exactly! never had any engine be so.... temperamental? for no real reasons...