incredible top speed with bmp kit!!!

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    i cant believe it! im reaching 44.5 MPH with the 1.25 one way bearing drive roller with the (harbor freight/monsterscooterparts) 52cc motor and i weigh 246 pounds, how is this possible? and believe it or not im using knobby tires on my bike, it goes so fast its kinda scary and i have to slow down, but dont worry im wearing my helmet and wrist guards, its just i dont understand how a motor so small can generate such high rpm's?, the motor is 100% broken-in and those rings are seated nicely, so if your gonna buy an engine definantly buy the 52cc motor from either harbor freight or

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    The small engine size can be a plus when it comes to RPM, as there's less mass to move around.

    12000 RPM is certainly possible; but it would depend on a good many factors being right in the middle of the 'sweet spot' - low piston and crank mass, fuel mix ratio, carb adjustment, engine balance, tire balance, drive roller alignment, exhaust 'tuning,' etc.

    If you put slicks on the bike, you could possibly get another MPH or two out of her.
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    HELP:engine boggs on WOT

    i have one of those 52cc monsterscooterpart motors on my bmp kit and just recently it would bogg out on wot (wide open throttle), does this mean i should lean it out or turn the screw the other way so it runs richer? and the motor is 100% broken in and really runs great, but its just this one issue im having, i can already reach 45 mph
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    A bog is typically caused by a lean condition.