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7:11 PM
Feb 26, 2008
Hey Guys,

Depending on where you bought your 70cc 2-stroke kit, you will find conflicting methods of mounting the sprocket. Some say to place a rubber ring on each side of the spoke, sandwiching the spokes. Others say place both rubber rings on the inside, and keep the sprocket right against the hub. I'm considering the sandwich method this time, but won't that cause the sprocket to wobble or turn unevenly ? My last bike is sprocket to hub, and no problems so far, but I want to do what's proper. What are you guys doing ?
I've only sandwiched mine, works fine. Don't undertighten the attachment or the bolts will work your spokes to their demise.
Yeah, another tip, make sure you tighten each bolt equally a little bit at a time. I mean like, keep tightening each one a little bit at a time on all of them. That way you will get the sprocket running as parallel to the wheel as possible, putting less strain on the spokes.
You've reconfirmed my own feelings on this matter. While the other way has worked fine for me so far, I knew rubber on both sides had to be the correct way, despite contradicting directions.
As far as tightening. Yes, I always use the star pattern of tightening with everything.
Thanks for the replies.
I don't know what's up, but the hardware Dax just sent me has bolts at least 1/4 too short to make it through. Part of the problem is the sprocket. It's twice as thick as the Chinese ones. Andy makes a mean sprocket. I'm just gonna head over to Home Depot and buy some bigger bolts. Thanks again.
You shouldn't use stock hardware anyway. I never do regardless of who makes the kit. I use both lock washers and lock nuts wherever possible.