introducing myself



Hi guys, new guy here. I have been riding an old trek 930 steelframe with a Thatsdax 2 stroke for about two years. The bikes' gone through some overhauls, but it runs ok. I have some interesting backyard jury rig stuff on motor mounting that I'll post when I get a chance. I have pics.

Couple questions: does anyone have an aluminum frame cruiser with a four stroke Hua Sheng engine. I'm considering this but wonder:
1. is it louder? (gearbox?)
2. Do I have to worry about the 4 stroke mount on the aluminum frame (I really should consider a susp. fork)

Also, on my two stroke, I have black oil residue leaking into my clutch case.
Has anyone had this happen and what gasket etc. do I need?



Welcome to the sometimes wild and wacky, but always structured world of MBc.