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    Hi everyone, my names Ben, and I am interested in motorized bicycles! I just want to install a simple HT 2 stroke 48/49cc kit on my bicycle (Trek Mountain Train 800 sport). My only question I have before I order it is will it fit? There's about 10 in of clearance where I could attach it between the cranks and seat. Thanks everyone!

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    Hi, Ben, and welcome aboard.

    You really only have ten inches between your bottom bracket and your top tube? That must be a very short mountain bike frame.

    If I'm understanding that right, then you won't fit a happy time engine in there. You need about fifteen inches.
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    Might need an extendo carb. Check out my media page#2
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    That's what she said.
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    So a China Girl needs 15 inches? I'll look for a nice Irish Girl.