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    hello all! Wooow! Nice place! so much to learn, so little time!

    I ride a Rans Stratus recumbent with a gebe 40cc tanaka in back. I bought the engine back in july of 07. I started out with it on the bent, but stuck it on a full suspension Kona with disc brakes. I decided to put it back on the bent since it just felt weird being way high up. i do miss the full suspension though.

    i have thoroughly enjoyed what i have seen so far and look forward to picking your brains for info and helping out where i can.
    i'll post a photos as soon as i figure out how to.


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    wow! I just made some phone calls about those last week. No one i spoke to in the Lancaster Pa area ever heard of it. i called some shop in maryland that sells them, but he said it's the same as taking air out of your tire. since i've been looking for something to keep the front end down w/o spending a fortune on a custom springer style fork, he let the air out of my tires alright.(not the ones on the bike).

    so...what do you know about them - where can i get one "relatively" inexpensively?

    like your quote by the way - i need to tell my wife that
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    I saw those hubs at Interbike a couple of years ago, they looked to be very well executed. I am a long time hardcore MTB rider and have been working in the bike industry for a few years now. I really liked the execution of the concept. It would probably work awesome in a number of road oriented applications. I look forward to hearing about anyone using one of these hubs in conjunction with a motorized bike setup. I could see a rear hub working beautifully in tandem with a front suspension fork for a soft-tail type of ride setup. For that matter, cost being no object, coupling a suspension hub and a softtail bike frame could result in an elegant build that yields smoething in the range of 2 to 2.5 inches of rear travel without looking like a full suspension bicycle..

    **** it now my brain is in overdrive. Must have another beer...
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    I don't have any experience with them. Someone on another forum turned me onto them when I mentioned that I was looking for suspension on my trike, Unfortunately, none of their products will work for me.