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    My name is Charlie and I've been reading your forum for about three months. I'd like to thank you for your enthusiasm and creativity, as has stimulated my own and motivated me to by my own 50cc kit. I'd never been interested in dirt bikes, snowmobiles or ATVs until walking out of a thrift store here in Jacksonville. Someone with quite a bit of ingenuity had fabricated a mount on a bicycle for a big orange chainsaw. The idea seemed out of this world to me. Could a chainsaw run a bicycle? I paid the $40 and greedily loaded the thing into the trunk of my LeSabre. Later, while researching gear ratios I found this forum. It was the beautiful bikes I've seen here, combined with my serious lack of mechanical knowledge that prompted me to give up on the chainsaw bike. I have no welding experience, and so I have no easy way of making the bike run. It sits, blue and yellow and hideously orange in the garage waiting for craigslist. But the seed was been planted in my mind, and I know that I must own a bike as awesome as the creations I've seen here.

    I'm a 27 year old law student. I have no mechanical know-how, and I'm not authorized to give legal advice until I pass the bar. But I'm friendly and have read some cases on motorized bikes in Florida.

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    G'day Charlie & welcome.
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    Welcome aboard Charlie. The law is so convoluted in this area, I don't think anyone understands it.
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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    Welcome to MBc from from the Giant Side of Texas! Got a picture of your find?
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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
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    Welcome to MBC. Qualifications are often overrated.
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    Welcome to Mbc. Glad you are here.
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    Welcome, ive only been here for a week, but have picked up 4 tips ive used on my bikes.
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    I hope that worked.

    Someone asked, so I've attached a photo of the chainsaw motor (outside of it's casing) and the bike I got with fabricated mount. The sprocket on the chainsaw has 14 teeth.
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    A law student huh,, By mentioning Jacksonville, I would presume Florida. My Dad was an attorney and a former criminal court justice in Miami (Dade county) Back when Dad and mom were first married and he was in the Marines, he had an All-State Scooter, ( this goes back over 50 years ago)it was sort of purple, as a matter of fact I just called my mother a few minutes ago and she reminded me that she called it' the PURPLE PASSION"---That thing went every where,, right up to its final resting place in Boca-Raton in the late 80s. About that time, I had just purchased a home there, and I had a rather large den and very little in it,,I had just seen an article in a magazine where a guy had an antique motorcycle parked as a 'conversation piece' in his living room--just like I have Remote Control planes 'parked' all over mine, any way to make a long story short, I ' assumed ownership" of the purple All- State and restored it to show room condition,, spent more on the baby blue and tan paint than it more than likely cost new. It now is with my sister who's husband keeps it in pristine condition, and rides it from time to time in thier under ground parking lot in Coconut Grove( Miami) waiting for my return---wish you the best in your law career, my Dad once took a bankruptcy case and was paid with a fire engine Red, Dino Farrari in 1976, he left it to me, when he passed away last year-- Mother hated it, but he loved it, but he was 6ft.5 in. and since it was a mid engine design, you could only push the front seat back a couple of inches, even I at 6-2 have a hard time getting into-and out of it( one hand on the ground getting out) It now sits with the All state in under ground parking, also waiting for me,,, my sister says that Larry drives that more often than the All-State,, you know,, just to keep the battery charged----RHIGHT!!!---PS---go with personal injury law---EVERETT H DUDLEY 111
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    Welcome to MBc. Flyer !!! Maybe you can but that law school to work here to better the HT laws in most states.Did not see your photo.Were did you attach it ?
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    By the way

    Did you hear the one about the gang member biker guy that was at a stoplight in Miami (I think thats where it was) and got hit from behind and pushed into the car in front of him while he was High on drugs?? Broken legs, spinal injuries and such--Dads firm defended him, he got over 600,000$ I never really could figure that one out, how that drugged up biker got that kind of money, but then again ,he was hit from behind just sitting there----like I said,, go with personal injury,, The case might still be on 'the books" for you to see since it was a precident--perhaps on the FL-Law board under my name EVERETT-H-DUDLEY-JR---(I am The 3rd) Did you know that there are more law students in school right now than there are practicing Attorneys?--You should watch the movie called' A Murder Of Crowes' with Cuba Gooding Jr, that will get your head straght regarding the 'Law'
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    Sorry Hollywood

    If I was as pretty as the people in your town, then maybe I would post a picture, actually I do have a few just taken a few days ago out front with a few of my RC planes next to my wifes new Mini Cooper--I call it THE CAR---that I have never driven, but am only resigned to washing and waxing, I was allowed to sit in it the other day (with the owners manual) and try to figure out the navigation system, and perhaps in a few more days it will reach the break in 1,200 miles and I will be allowed to sit in it again and, figure out how the automatic tranny, can switch to a manual with paddles on the steering wheel, Perhaps I can wave the check in front of my wifes face that paid for it to let me drive it!! Actually I like my restored 21 year old Mercedes better, at least it does not drive like a GO-Cart on steroids, have to leave it behind though when we leave Germany soon---It is German 'spec' but a real LOOKER