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    Hi I would like to introduce my self. My name is dave, I live mesa az. I have been motorizing bicycles for the last year. I curranly have two working bikes. The first is built on a mid 80 giant igana frame with a 48cc motor. The second is built on a scwinn mountian bike with a 66 cc motor. I ride an avarage of 15 mile a day.I would like to thank this site for the help I have gotten by reading others comments. Sorry no pics I do not have a cammera, I will try to borrow one soon.

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    Howdy mesadave, welcome to the forum! I envy you being able to ride all winter.
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    Howdy, Dave:grin5: Looks like you've figured out a lot on your own. Search the old threads for any info you need, any questions not answered feel free to post a thread.

    I like helping:helmet:
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    Welcome to the forum. I worked in Mesa for 5 or 6 years.