iRide Customs motorized Brutus

Well, here it is...before it gets thrashed from oil, gas and road grime.

Can I enter it in the next Bike of the month contest?





I think it needs at least a light tan rear fender, not the full wheel kind, but one that stops at the top of the wheel.

either way, that bike looks amazing. You spent alot of effort on it and it shows. wow
iRide Customs said:
Can I enter it in the next Bike of the month contest?

No!... I'd like to get at least one vote this time out.... ;)

I'm speechless.... I am without speech.... that is gorgeous..... can I copy it? :)
Beautiful!!! just beautiful!

Ill quit bugging you to let me ride it, but maybe I could cuddle with it? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Awesome job!!!!
Thanks Guys!! I have been busting my arse to get this thing done. I am thinking about putting on a bullet style front headlight and maybe an old school sting ray style speedo.

srdavo, if you show up on my front door, I'll let you spoon it.


I agree about the fender. As a matter of fact I have been looking for a chep one for about a week now. I think if I do add a fender it will be a stubby that is only about 6-8'' long.

If you guys want to see some bigger pics of it look here es/

I just lost enthusiasum for my project now, lol. :(

I never thought I would say this...That's one badass bicycle. :D
You should change that to nice ride :D :D .That turned out great,and the tank sweet.Good job