Is the gas gravity fed?

Discussion in 'Push Trailers' started by Rgvkid, May 20, 2009.

  1. Rgvkid

    Rgvkid Member

    On the 2.5 and 6.5 engines, is the gas gravity fed or can the tank be relocated below the carb?

  2. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    The tank has to be above the carb. Great for frame mounts, sucks for trailers if you want a low profile. Maybe you can use something different for a tank, and mount it slightly above the engine, and if you have no tank and a small muffler on the engine, the engine will look much smaller.
  3. EsQueue

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    I have an old honda 5.5 laying around. I will most likely remove the governor arm on the top of the engine and connect a brass barb which will allow the use of a pulse fuel pump.

    I agree, these engines look very small after removing the tank, using a custom exhaust and performance intake.
  4. wolfgang123

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    You could use a fuel pump like the gokart guys do