Is this engine kit any good.

Should i buy this 80cc engine kit.

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That looks more or less like my Kings "80". One thing you'll quickly find is that its really about a 65cc. My understanding is that they rev less well than the 48cc motors but have a bit more torque than the smaller motor.

They're all a lot of fun.
I hope you like to work on motors. You ll be doing more work on it than riding it. Always looking for parts to buy. The times you can ride it will be a blast though. Better hope you have lots of time to work on it also. They cant take any kind of beating so you ll have to be real carefull so you dont break it. Just my experience thats all.
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ok, now...i deleted your duplicate post in frame-mount, no need to clutter up the garage like that.
ok i'll type the same thing again lol, that is $245 in aus money, only $188.65 US its basically 10 cheaper than dax 70cc engine. I'd say go for it cause to me they are all alike and you'll save 10 bucks, Please give feedback if you go with this engin.
Personally, I recommend not getting that engine.
Without mentioning names or where those come from...they are only 62.5cc, and will require you to keep your mix very rich due to low quality bushings, and poor lubrication channels.
If you ride hard, ride long, or try using anything at all leaner than 20:1 you'll fry your wrist-pin bushing.

Just thought I'd try to save you some frustration.