Its been a while, but im back!



Howdy ho! So its been a long while since i was here but here I am. I got my bike going back in late july but after i took it for a 10 mile drive, some stuff went bad and I didnt have time to fix it but Im back at college now and I got it fixed. I have the 70 cc from Dax installed on my 24in wheel mountain bike. I go to western michigan university and Im in the marching band, everyone is amazed by my baby! Ill get pics up soon, but I have a few Qs. Is it normal to have to adjust your air intake while riding? When I start off, I have to have it flipped almost all the way up, but more warmed up it gets, the lower it has to go.... is that normal?
I also cant get above 20, when ever my bike decides to give me a little more power and push it up to there, there is a really odd sounding vibration, as far as I can tell, nothing is loose and shaking.... I have the standard sprocket on but I also have the smaller one.(i dont use it due to all the hills in kalamazoo)
One last Q, I randomly one evening when I hadnt ridden my baby for a couple hours, had a leak from the primer on the carb, I took the carb off and tweaked it a bit and its fine now, but before that my bike accelerated nicely and went up to 18 mph, and slowed down only a little at hills.... now, after the leak, it accelerates slowly and slows down as far as 12 mph on hills, but the top speed is now 20..... What did I do???
Thanks! Great to be back!

PS Kzoo has bike lanes along the side of the road!!!! Its fantastic!


he's back! (you were gone? :p )

a fully warmed engine would be running with choke off (down), so that sounds normal...for the other stuff,

indeed, go looking for topics on intake leaks, i bet you just have to make sure it's all right and tight.