jack shaft 4 sale

what cogs are freewheeling? left or right? explain the jackshaft setup with this hub? what is the width, are all the wheels screw on? did you use this setup? if so, pics?
I looked at your first drawing, dimesions would help. can the drive and freewheeling cogs be changed ?
thanks again.
this might solve my pedaling issues.
there is only one free wheeling sprocket on the far right i was gonna do that for the pedals and use one fixed gear for the drive sprockets with the clutch the whole set up would free wheel exept the pedals or vice versa
im pretty sure they are all 16t and will work with any bicycle chain. from the free wheel cog to the 2nd fixed is 4 1/4in the whle setup including the axle is 7in i have edited the pic with dimentions