Jammed clutch

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    Hey all..
    I have a 2 stroke motor that was given to me by a friend..obviously it had a problem so he gave it to me...

    I hooked it up on a bike and found the problem but hard to solve

    when I put on the clutch plate on (on the engine drive sproket) it will not pull in to turn the chain..I noticed the ball is in the hole so its not missing..then I noticed the bucking bar was too short so the plate with clutch arm was not hitting flush...so i put a longer bucking bar ...the one im using is correct but now when I screw on the clutch plate(it hits)but nothing will engage..its like something is jammed...what could be goin on? just a bunk motor?
    thanks any advice will help me start this bike.

  2. Purple Haze

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    Sounds like the clutch is too tight. Remove the big cover on right side, remove the small screw which holds the flower nut adjustment, then loosen the flower nut. Hold in the clutch lever and the flower nut should turn by hand. If this doesn't fix it, the cable may be out of adjustment, or frozen.
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    i inboxed you
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    I'd guess that first bucking bar was right size - put it back in - take off flower nut and put drive cover on tight and see if clutch arm hits the bar & can push it a 1/4 inch or so - if it does, then flower nut was way too tight or clutch is not fully seated on the shaft
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