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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bikertypeguy, Apr 26, 2008.

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    I've already introduced myself here a while back. I've been mostly just lurking, trying to get a feel for the forum. And one thing I've noticed. This place is not really a friendly place unless you happen to be in the Clique. In the last couple of days I've seen someone that seemed helpful and friendly to me sent to "the woodshed". Come on now, time out is something you give little children. If someone is being out of line just warn them privately, if that doesn't work ban them. We're adults. I noticed one guy asking about lights and was offered some help only after he was jumped on and after he tried to defend himself he was threatened by moderators. But the clencher for me, I saw where a guy made the comment that the posted link said the site was under construction. I noticed the same thing when I clicked on the link, several times. He was threatened and called a retard by moderators. There seem to be some nice helpful people here but it sure seems to me that the moderators are on some kind of power trip. I'm sure the mods will delete this post since it is critical, but thats ok with me. Ya'll have fun.

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    Thanks Bikertypeguy. I agree about one thing. All trash talk,insults or arguments should be handled through Private message. The posts should stick to the business at hand. Yet, there will always be differences of opinion and disagreements in the posts. Thats what interests me, the difference in mechanical problem solving. Im involved in many other forums to get information. Actually this one seems the most mellow for the amount of members. My opinion only.
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    Once again... prolly wrong place, but we're all mellow here. ;-)

    I have a problem with the type of backlash from said member to someone not in the know. He has an attitude problem and a thick skull, like myself. I have a problem with arguing on forums just because nobody wants to read it. I don't have a problem with going off-topic so much, as long as it's about motored biking... that's the nature of the forum is not to have any specific direction, and that's how new ideas are born.

    The only serious problem I've had with this board is when the Hydrogen thread was closed. That was pretty totalitarian... I was enjoying the thread a good deal, even tho I couldn't follow half of what was being said.
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    Welcome to the forum.

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    wow welcome to MBc...a person is gone for a few days and it seems to have gone to carp! sorry for your rant and sparky's too...no i think i will bump this thread for all to see who are the s**t disturbers...intro's there are so many and they soon go down the way side...i guess the a hole moderators need to watch you too? eh? enjoy the forum or you can always find another forum if ya hate this one!
  6. Tom

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    I was actually asked to have the thread locked by the original thread starter on that one.

    RATRODER Guest

    When you act like children,you get treated like children.ARE you one TOO!
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    Thanks, you just proved my point.:grin:
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    Understood... he tells me it was a bit *too* heated for his liking.
  10. Dude,you gotta understand that we are in fact trying to keep this forum informative and cheerful. Negativity is met with negativity and sometimes when it gets personal we ween it out. Keeping topics in line with the forums is important for if you or anyone in this world has a problem with their bikes they can do a search and find exactly what they are looking for.
    Yes,we have had some sick drama here in the past. But the tunnel is getting wider. We are moving on. Who knows? Maybe all the related forums can get together and be friends one day.
    But if you or anyone brings up past drama that's just not entertainable,man.
    I'm truly sorry if you feel like newbies aren't being treated right. I beg to differ.
    Any attitude whether positive or negative will be met with the same attitude,and if that attitude becomes negative then we need to deal with it.
    If a spammer from Nigeria offers iPods for cheep that boy get's bannage.
    If a member has a rant that may be controversial as far as being too negative,then he may go in the woodshed so we can chat in private. Most forums would just ban anyone that spews negativity in their first posts. At least we are giving people a chance to say their peace,listen to our point of view and then decide on the members outcome.
    Again,I'm sorry if you feel we are unfair,but we just want to move on,you know?
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    well, i'm involved...but barely...

    i have moved on, but some folks, like the negative response guy that bikertype mentioned, have not...the same dood (now using his 4th or 5th MBc-username) posted a real flame on my racing guestbook, too. he claimed here that he wasn't being hateful, what do you think?...what i'm saying is that there is a past you are not aware of, and maybe being too critical. we know who the guy is, & he's only demonstrating his usual pattern.

    one obstacle i always faced was having someone who'd focus on the relatively VERY few negative episodes taking place here...right now there has to be thousands of relevant topics happening...."go find one and have some fun" is my advice :cool:
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    I have yet to find the clique. or is that Click? Just a bunch of us who have found others who help, encourage and entertain. Hope you find her what you want. If not, adios. Dont let the door hit you on the way out.