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    Hi, Thanks for acknowledging my birthday. I am new to bicycling and am interested in motor-biking... I am going to order a bike motor this Friday, any comments are welcome on which engine to buy... I'm looking at the new 4G T Belt Engine Kit, or the HuaSheng engine with the Patented stage III gear box with engager, both kits are from Also is pedalcycles legal in Pennsylvania without a drivers permit? All sugestions are welcome, Thank's... Kerry...

    PS. Almost forgot, I'm from N.E. Pa. along the Susquhanna River in Nescopeck, in what we call mountains but are hills to the westiner's. Anyhow I have not rode a bike very much since my 16th year, but with a loss of a driver permit I just found out how much I've been missing out on...what a pleasure to glide along and look at the scenery that I used to just drive by.
    I have just purchased a new Diamondback mountain bike. Thank's for the welcome to

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    Hi Kerry we do have some guys from Pa. here, also there is a legal section you can look at. And Welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    PA lawful ride

    Professor, where is that legal section located at? I want to know the regulations if any before I encounter "THAT ONE" officer that just has to harrass anyone that may be enjoying theirself's... We have afew right local, but a state trouper told me he personally would not stop anyone that was not a hazard on the road...