Kingsmotorbikes nothing but trouble where you also duped?

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  1. Everything I received was broken and missing parts Arch idler was missing Hardware throttles I only got rubber grips not CNC aluminum grips mag wheels were stripped where the Sprocket was to be attached speed carburetor was a standard carburetor not a speed carburetor when they tried to resolve it and send me the proper parts I still did not get the parts for the arch idler the hardware no spacers they still didn't give me spacers for the arch idler I did get the throttle they refused to do anything about the mags which had to be retact rethreaded at my own expense because after ordering and receiving parts and reading reviews I knew they were not going to do anything with the high dollar piece of equipment so I took it upon myself to fix it myself. Nobody steals from me ripped me off disrespect me and treat me like this doesn't return my phone calls doesn't return my emails lies to me on the phone and says quote this is Lorenzo speaking sorry we just sell junk made in China we are the last people you want to talk to about technical advice we only sell it and ship it from another location from another Warehouse unquote Alex the sales rep refuse to take Paypal from me I was forced to use my debit card big mistake but I will prevail in the end I will post nothing but the truth about kingsmotors and gas Motors as they are the same company please feel free to comment on this share your own stories and spread the word about this do not let them keep doing this to people as I have read so many many many negative comments about these people thank you and good luck I do know of a place out of Milwaukee Wisconsin a woman named Lynn I forget the name of the company but she is very honest and sells good quality products thanks again

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    man, a small but helpful tip...

    full stops, they look like this> .

    and hit "enter" or "return" every now and again. usually at the end of one thought, before the next.

    one big gob of writing is very hard to decipher.

    this isnt like reading a newspaper, where the page layout is designed to allow fast reading...

    you know how they
    write newspaper articles
    so they are narrow?
    see how easy it is to read?
    there is a logical reason
    behind such a layout.
    it makes a large amount of
    writing or information
    easy to process and
    therefore comprehend.
    it also allows the reader
    to "speed read" simply by
    passing their eyes down
    the length of the page.
    unfortunately there are
    not many websites that
    have taken the initiative
    to do such a thing
    and it only gets worse as
    the typical monitor
    or screen gets wider.
    or someone attaches a
    large pic that then
    requires horizontal
    it is very similar to the
    lines of code used in
    arduino and such forth
    programming. one big
    long unreadable sentence.
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    Well, Headsmess, you're right. I don't really mean to pile on to our OP, Bob Kling.

    It's just that you deserve a bit of support.

    But we might as well be telling the tide to not come in, of course.
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    Kingsmotor.. is the same company as Gasbike, you have to be careful about who you deal with.
  5. There is always! That is where you can find helpful people (like me) and we do our very best to sell decent products at a decent price!
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    Kingsmoterbikes failed to send the long pipe that i ordered with an expansion chamber .i texted them .i called them.first call they left me on hold for 41 min.after which i hung uo the second call he acted like he couldnt hear me .they have never answered any of my texts or emails. .they are crooks .pure and simple .dont waste your money buying their products.
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    I use my phone almost entirely on this site so the words are condensed to the width of my phone, as in I don't have problems, even with photos.

    But that's not the point, you mentioned that a large photo makes for a wide reading experience, I normally upload photos and post them in my message as a full image, have you noticed if my photos are making my posts (and likely other people's posts if it stretches the entire table containing the reply portion of the page) look stupid?

    If so let me know, I take for granted that if it looks OK from my phone then it should be be just fine for everyone, though I know full well that computers just don't work like that. Here's a picture of my bike to compare. 20170323_115917.jpg