Last NEW 2008 Black 26" Whizzer Classic

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by racer_46310, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. racer_46310

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    Selling the LAST NEW 2008 26" Whizzer Classic Motorbike in Black. This bike is brand new with only 15 test miles on it (to get carb adjusted and break-in clutch). Still have orig shipping crate and box if needed to reship. I have had several different Whizzers and this 2008 NE5 is by far the most powerful and fastest stock one I have ever ridden. As you all know, Whizzer is changing the design and new model is rumored to look very close to the Ambassador and nothing like the Classic. Pick this last NEW one up before its gone. FULL factory warranty. These Classics will only go up in value. First $1850 plus shipping takes it. Located In NW Indiana, about 60 miles SE of Chicago. If shipping is required, I will recrate for additional $25.00. Any questions call me 219-405-6845 Rich

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    2008 Whizzer

    Hi I am looking for a new Classic N5
    I would require the Bike put back in its Crate & shipped to Chicago 60191
    If you any Pictures Please Email me with a over all Price to
    Thanks Rob
  3. Robcath

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    Hi I am looking for a new Classic N5
    I would require the Bike put back in its Crate & shipped to Chicago 60191
    If you any Pictures Please Email me with a over all Price to
    Thanks Rob
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    I see older ne5's on Craigslist for less not more. I do not think that these go up in value. Where did you get that idea?
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    What I have for sale is a brand NEW 2008 NE5. If you know anything about the NE5, you know that Whizzer has discontinued the NE5 and is coming out with a complete new version of motored bike that will not resemble the Classic. My idea came from someone holding onto this New NE5 and it will eventually gain in value. Yes, you can buy a used one for less than new price but thats not what I am selling. Many people thought the same way a few years ago and look what a 40 year old Whizzer is worth today!
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    How far away is Paris, Illinois from your location?
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    About 2 hours. I'm in DeMotte, IN 46310.
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    Racer 46310

    I purchased a 35cc Golden Eagle 4-stroke, then had to have a quality bicycle that I liked the looks of. The tires and rims that came with the bike made it ride like a log wagon, so I brought quality rims and tires and now rides like a dream. I had to have a good set of quality rechargable light system and brake light and turn signals and a sporty looking rear view bike mirror. Iam just now getting to look at the braking system with my bike that is very sub-pare. The point Iam trying to make is your whizzer is a steal even at that price your asking and probally better quality than mine, as Iam fastly approaching that price in my lawnmower bike!!!!!
    If you are interested in selling it to me and will deliver it to me for that price, you have yourself a deal. Just reply if interested and I will call ...
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    Hey Beachcruiser, give me a call... 219-405-6845 Rich
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    Hi Is this Bike sold
    Thanks Rob
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    I'm waiting on a reply from Beachcruiser, he said he wanted it. If I don't hear from him in a couple days, the bike will be back on the market. Thanks, Rich
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    no doubt -- 40 years

    that's so very true

    keep that baby in top condition and in 40 years it will be worth A LOT

    means we must be careful when we

  13. racer_46310

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    Well guys, The 2008 NE5 is still for sale. I had some nibbles but nothing solid. I've added a couple of pics and have more if requested. Don't let this one get away.

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  14. Hal the Elder

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    What Are The Technical Differences?

    How will the new NE5 replacement differ technically from the current model?

    Engine?... Frame?... Suspension?...Brakes?...Price?


    Hal the Elder
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  16. Quenton Guenther

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    You must have one of the only Whizzers in stock in the area. Black is my favorite color. I know many dealers have been buying up the older models [1999 to 2004] and upgrading them, and have people waiting in line for them [I know of many that have sold for over $2000.00]. I have a new 2001 maroon Pacemaker II in the carton and I turned down $1800.00 for it yesterday. Looks like the NE is gaining value quickly, wonder why?
    Price still the same $1850.00?

    Have fun,
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    Yep, still only $1850 plus shipping! I don't like what Whizzer did to the styling to the NE-R so this is someones chance to pick up one of the last NE5 Classis available! Would make a great holiday gift (even if you got it for yourself!). 219-405-6845
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