laws in kansas? 48cc/66cc? is this a good place to buy?

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    hello, i am buying a beach cruiser off craigslist in 3 days. its a 22in. but according to where im buying my kit from they said it will fit. have any of you ever bought a engine kit on
    ? i was leaning towards the 66cc motor. what is the laws in kansas for them? i am not 16, but i will mainy be cruising my neighbor hood and maybe sideroads to the grocery store.... i have a 49/50 cc remake of the old trail bike, i cruised my neighbor hood, never reckless driving, no burn outs, just cruising, then had the cops called on me 4 times. they said i have to be 16. it has a light, brake lights, horn, speedometer... when im 16 i will be almost to big to ride it around. i was thinking a bike motor kit because if i do have a cop issue i can shut the motor off when riding and start pedaling.

    i attached a picture, dont know if it worked

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  2. Mountainman

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    be ready to shut that motor off

    I would go with a 4-stroke --- less noise

    ride that thing
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    im new to the motors, are the 66cc or the 48cc, either of those 4 strokes? i want to buy from this website because they have answered my 100 ?'s and there helpful. i guess i just have to be ready to shut the motor off, or find a house without a backyard fence to cut through. haha
  4. Mountainman

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    well griffin

    those will probably be 2-strokes --

    maybe a little loud for the neighbors -- just pedal in

    don't want the pooolice coming down on you

    have fun as you -- ride that thing
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