Let myself, introduce...... myself.



I need to begin with.... THANKS!! for this awesome site and to everyone who contributes info here!! My name is Dan and I live in Ohio around the Springfield area. I am 36, married with 2 kids. My job=F-16 Avionics Technician. I, like many others here, have dreamed of putting an engine on a bicycle ever since I was little. In July, I am scheduled to take the 3 day MSF (basic motorcycle course to get the endorsement) course. I need this course in case I get a motorcycle to be able to ride it on an Air Force installation.
This all started when I was searching for a 250CCish motorcycle on the web and came accross these "Bicycle-to-Moped" converson kits. I have been riding my bicycle to work (8.5 Mile trip one-way) and it takes about 25 to 30 minutes and with gas prices so high I was looking for an alternate way to work. It normally takes me 12 minutes to drive to work. To make it short, I purchased a King Power 80CC kit from a seller with great feedback on Ebay for $188.00 total. The kit came from BC. Canada. I purchased a bike from Target fro $53.00 and mounted the kit up verses putting it on an old Western Flying I have lying around. After installing new heat treated engine mount bolts and loc-tite'ing every nut that I could, I have about 70 Miles on my bike and it takes me around 19 minutes to get to work at about 27 MPH average. I cruise at around 30 MPH at a 25:1 fuel ratio for break-in.
The information on this forum has GREATLY helped me in all areas from preparation, installation, to operating. I will be posting pics in the Photos forum section. Glad to be here!!



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Dec 15, 2006
welcome to MBc
a wealth of information regarding all to do with motored bikes
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Apr 24, 2007
welcome, dan!!! its nice you put some personal info about yourself. imho we could use a little more of that.
enjoy the forum, its the best out there :D

"let myself, introduce...myself" oh man, what movie is that from? my wife knows, but since its killing me, she wont tell :devilish: