Lifan 50cc wiring issue!

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    I recently purchased a honda mini bike with a Lifan 50cc vertical motor(i think).The problem is all of the wiring was cut so i have no clue where anything goes.The Lifan(hooper) website offers no help! Does anyone have experience with these motors?Pics coming in a few. Thanx

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    I forgot to say hi so I say hi and have a little more info

    My last bike was a Honda XR650r witch is stock without blinkers or brake lights. It only has the front enduro head light. It also only has a kill switch.
    Theres also a xr650L series that is street legal with blinkers and brake lights.
    My XR650R had a baja designs kit that added the blinkers and brake lights along with on off switch and contols.

    So there is also a xr50r with baja designs kit.

    If your bike has blinkers and brake lights you go with a xr50L wiring diagram.
    If not go with the xr50R series.
    Hope this helps
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    Thanx for the response. The bike in question is a 1994 Honda Z50r,no blinkers or factory wiring at all.It is kick start only so no starter etc... Just engine,coil,CDI unit and kill switch.Once i figure out how to post pics here it should help out alot.
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    Here are a few pics: Misc 040.jpg

    Misc 041.jpg

    Misc 042.jpg

    Misc 044.jpg
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    What you have is a Honda. I live for Honda's they have great technology.
    Heres some Honda pointers your going to need.
    Only use honda 4 stroke oil so you should drain whatevers in there and your going to need to clean the old gas stains from the jets in the carb which is really easy.
    Theres some z50r repair manuals get one for sure before doing anyhting furhter and get to know your bike.
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    With all due respect,i know it's a Honda.The problem is i have 5 wires coming from the motor and i dont know where they connect. There arent any factory wires on the bike at all,so a wiring diagram for the bike is pointless.There wont be any lighting,battery,etc...The motor is a Lifan 50 or 70cc(havent figured that out yet).I have a single wire coil that came with the motor and CDI unit.What wire connects to the coil? What wire connect to the kill switch? Which wire is actually the ground?(earth) Thanx for your replies bideronit13!
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    It turns out to be a 125cc motor,that narrows down my search.
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    try "pitbike" forums...

    firstly youll need the plug for the cdi. so you need to find someone selling pitbikes or a mate and pinch his while hes looking the other way...

    or fleabay :)


    green=earth. thats a given
    yellow x2(or ones white...) 12Vac power for a regulator.

    pale green= neutral.

    then theres blue to cdi,
    and red to cdi.
    then from cdi is black yellow to coil, as well as green.. and another wire from the cdi, blackwhite, to killswitch :)

    see why you need the plug? the cdi has pins and i cant recall which one is what without going and looking...

    blue may be blue/black. same with red...

    any colours like purple etc are from the gear indicators and useless...
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    I do have the plug for the CDI unit,got lucky on that one.

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    Which wires in the picture above do i need to hook into the CDI unit,and which pin do they hook to(location)??
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    looking at plug.

    red is red

    yellow/black to the coil

    white/black to killswitch

    green is earth

    blue is blue

    the yellow and white in your pic are 12vac.
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    so these wires get tied together with the CDI unit?
  16. HeadSmess

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    the three wires to concern you are the red blue and green. they go to the cdi unit, diagram is from cdi's viewpoint, or, looking at the plug.

    add a wire to the plug(yellow in my diagram) that goes to the coil. some coils also require a green or earth. theyre small, encased in plastic, so have no internal earth... if you see laminated steel core, its already earthed.

    then, as safety, add another :rolleyes7: wire to white in my diagram, and thats the killswitch.

    insulate the ends of the white and yellow that come from the engine, or hook up lights :)

    if you have one of those silly cdi units with two plugs...cant help ya.

    was enough getting me to go look in the shed! :shout:
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    Black w/Red stripe,Blue w/White stripe and Green are my colors. I know the green is a ground(earth),now does this wire ground to the CDI(hook into),or does it ground to the chassis of the bike?? I have tried every possible position,and flip flopped every wire in the harness with no luck,no spark!!!! My next guess would be to purchase a new coil,stator,CDI the works. Do you know or have any links to anyone that may carry a kit with the harness and everything? Thanx for your reply HeadSmess!
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    green to earth (frame) AND to cdi plug, and maybe to coil.

    start by trying alternative coil. or make sure all contact surfaces are clean...including where its bolted to the frame.

    then a cdi unit, then the main stator plate.

    actually, the very first should be a new plug...cr6hs? something like that... cheapest part to check :D

    links for the us of a? no idea...pitster pro i think...

    or miniriders? ive been out of the bike scene for a few years now.

    then theres always fleabay. heaps and heaps of parts there... cheap, too!

    if youve been haphazardly sticking wires anywhere, the cdi is more than likely fried. they can be delicate like that.

    new one will be about $15-40...

    DONT get one for an IRK. (inner rotor kit, use completely different flywheel, cdi, coil, etc...)
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