looking for info on a Ralph Westman N5

Wrench, "It should have a Title that says 2006 NE-5 Black Panther if it's really a Black Panther."
A lot of state titles don't put the whole vehicle description name on it, say 2006 Whizzer and that's it, then maybe the cc size if.
In CO my truck title just says 06 chev Colorado, no extended cab description, no trim level ID. Just saying the Black Panther not being there doesn't mean it isn't that model.
Oops my bad I meant a "Certificate Of Origin For A Vehicle" from Whizzer Motorbikes

OK I did some research and a Black Whizzer was offered in March of 2006 and it sold out very very quickly.
It was a Black NE-5 but if ya put a 2003 Black Panther chain guard on it, I would call it a Black Panther if it was my bike.
Yes @Bushtech very well indeed just might have a 2006 Black Whizzer
We'll know for sure if Bushtech ever gets back to us

Now that I think about it Certificate of Origin probably don't say Black panther on it

WC-1 - 1999-2004 Whizzer Company - First production
WCNE - 2005-2007 " " New Edition - NE-5 = 2005 production
WCNER - 2008-2009 " " New Edition Retro
WC-Ambassador 2009

My 2005 NE-5 says WCNE


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New to this group, thank you. I recently purchased Model NE5 Black Panther (an '06 I believe) Frame # 010270, Engine# WME 010270.
Original owner had modifications done at Ralph Westman's in Woodstock, Illinois at time of purchace.
Excuse my other posts I was distracted thinking about a 2006 NE-5 Black Panther. You just might have one

Seems odd to have Modifications done to a brand new 2006 NE-5 with a 1 year parts and 90 day labor warranty
But who knows, maybe Ralph talked the guy into making a stage 3 bike. Do you have a Westman cast Iron cyl and a Westman head?
If so we can talk about stage work. If not then the bike is probably as is NEW from the factory.

Any dealer modifications done to a New NE-5 would of been to install mushroom valve lifters and a copper head gasket. Those 2 upgrades became stock by 2007. The NE-5 bike used to have a steel head gasket and the valve lifters were WC-1 lifters and didn't perform correctly because the NE-5 has a high lift cam

I hope this Info helped.

Still would like to see some pics (y)
BTW I run a Westman Cyl with the Ambassador head on my 2005 NE-5 W/auto clutch
I've had Westman heads but they cracked after a few thousand miles Kinda expensive too at $175 each
But the Westman Cast Iron Cyl is bullet proof

Sadly no Westman parts are available any more as Ralph has Passed, may he rest in peace

Here's a pic of My Whizzer I've had her for 16 years and put 39,828 miles on her
I ❤️ my Whizzer M/B
Wow, looks great
Your a bike riding manic. Lol
U put 40k on that. Amazing