Looking to get a front brake

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    Can anyone suggest what to get that won't break the bank? I was riding home this evening and noticed that my chain slipped off and so of course I had no brakes, since I'm only using the coaster brake at the moment. Luckily this happened on my way home where most of my ride is uphill or on flat ground, but I really don' want to take any chances of this happening again.

    I have a beach cruiser from Huffy, and I think I have the mounting hole on the front (my front fender is attached through a hole up front, and it looks like its in the right spot.) I'd just like a suggestion as to something good that isn't too expensive but still reliable that I can get ordered up.

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

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    A BMX style brake would probably work OK. Tektro make some nice single bolt style ones...
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    some discount stores sell the brake, handle and cable for a small price

    might also wish to check the price at your local bicycle shop

    get all of your brakes working as you -- ride that THING
  5. Front brakes

    Hi PM me, I have used them on Motor Bicycles for over 9 years and I sell them reasonable.