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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Evil Zoe, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Evil Zoe

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    I located this forum via Google while researching alternative modes of transportation and found a lot of information here about local laws and other items of interest. I thought this might be a good place to begin.

    So, now I'm really considering purchasing a motorized bicycle, but I really have very little idea where one would find a good deal on possibly a used cycle or even new ones, other than Spooky Tooth Cycles or ebay. I've very little knowledge on how to build one myself, so I'm not certain a kit would be a good idea for me.

    Any information from anyone is more than welcome, and I hope to be able to contribute more to the forum soon.

  2. stude13

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    hey evil; i buy bikes on craigs, but yard sales and thrift stores are good options. of course w-mart is there but you get what you pay for. the rack mounts are good options for longevity and low maintenence. ride safe gloves and helmet.
  3. SimpleSimon

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    I'd suggest that you might discuss, via PM's, the possibility of getting some experienced member too build/help you build one for yourself. There are several such in Arizona.

    One, it helps you establish a working relationship with someone nearby who knows your machine;

    Two, it gives you the opportunity to have an input to the multitude of choices to be made in building a motored bike; and

    Thirdly (most importantly), it will not likely cost you anymore than, and likely less than buying a pre-built machine of dubious quality.

    Good luck
  4. astring

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    I ordered a Golden Eagle kit (look at ad on left side of page) but I am still waiting. In the meanwhile I picked an already built friction kit from craigslist. Take some time and read about it. look at the Golden Eagle site and the Staton site.