Low top speed, high vibrations at certain speeds

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by core2kid, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. core2kid

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    I've put about 100 miles on my HT motor. It used to run fine and it still does with a 20:1 ratio. Recently I started noticing that my acceleration and top speed is lower than what it was. Also at certain speeds suck as 10 mph, it vibrates a lot. Higher speeds are fine, lower speeds are also fine. Starting is also harder than it was when the engine was new. Is this a problem with the intake gasket?

  2. Vistaman73

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    Check all connecttions both electrical and mount wise. It could be loose. Check your engine over for odd things. It is most likely finished breaking in by now so you might want to bump down to 32:1 or similar. Maybe someone else can help you out because there are potentially many problems.

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  3. core2kid

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    All my bolts are grade 5 steel US bolts. They aren't loose ;) My electrical connections are soldered on. They haven't come off either. I have another gallon of 20:1 fuel left to go so I guess I'm gonna be running on low power for a while if that is the problem.