Clutch man that clutch is hard to pull...

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by RMWdave, May 30, 2009.

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    i read that the arm can be shifted to an angle for easier engagement, i was having a really hard time getting the shaft out tho so i left it be.
    im now thinging i will do it regardless.....
    on the other hand, the cable is kinking right beside the lever and this is probley my main problem... ill have to remove the cable from the sleeve and cut it down a bit.

    other than that i must have put 30 clicks on it today alone breaking it in! its getting faster the more i ride it!
    the engine came loose twice.... so i decided to double nut the rear mount. ha

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    At the bottom of this page, there is a box titled "Similar Threads".

    Lots of help, there.... :D
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    ok thanks, i read some of those posts up its probley the stupid kink in the cable causing me the most greif. i have lithium grease ill blast in there too when i cut it down.

    while im at it i should do the clutch arm mod too!
  4. It's actually the geometry of the cam that the clutch arm attaches to that causes the stiff clutch lever.

    Some engines are better than others when new.

    You have to rotate the cam in order to remove it from the housing. Look inside and you will see a keeper pin. Rotate the cam to the flat and then back again and it will come out of the housing.

    If you have a really stiff clutch lever you will need to file a radius on the leading edge in order to make any sort of improvement. You will likely need to reposition the splined arm after filing a proper radius on the Cam.

    Naturally you want a, clean, straight cable run from the lever to the arm.

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    on which do i file a radius on? the flat of the actuator? it moves frely when i push on it with my thumb. i think if i rotate the arm on the actuators splines a few degrees inward tho it should be alot easier of a pull. my clutch is indeed very stiff but its got to be a combination of the collapsing kinked cable housing and the straight arm :p
    thanks for the help folks