Massachusetts Registration Woes

Local time
10:42 AM
Jun 30, 2008
Beverly, MA, USA
I just got back from the RMV in my town. There they told me that I need to apply for a VIN #. It will cost me $50, more than I already have in my weedwacker build.

I know some of you here in Mass have registered your motorized vehicles without this insane step. Can you tell me which RMV you went to? I went to the one in Beverly.

I have a feeling that if I was registering a vintage bike, it wouldn't have been an issue, but because my bike is from 2004 they want me to have the number. If I can go to a different RMV, one where they have accepted the serial number in the past then I might be able to get it on the road without spending an additional $50.

I don't mind traveling to get to it, but I want to get this bike on the road legal and be able to ride all over without looking in my rear view to see if the po po are there.
I had no problem at the Lawrence RMV located on Winthrop ave. (rt.114) As a matter of fact, they even gave me a new reg. sticker for no charge when my first one was stolen! I needed no VIN# all I needed was the serial # off the bike frame.
It's the same song and dance up here in NH. Some DMV's say you need a VIN and inspection. Some say no registration is needed as long as it still pedals. Mine used the serial number, took my $4 and handed me a plate and registration paper. The govt really has no idea whats going on with their own laws. I think they're made that way so they can make shat up as they go along.
To Lawrence I go then.

I'm pretty sure that if I were to apply for the VIN# it would get rejected becaus ea bike is not a motor vehicle.

I've heard that a lot of places will accept the serial # as the VIN# and fill in with zeros to make the right amount of numbers...

We'll see. I'm tempted to make a stop at every RMV between work and home just to make a report of who WILL register with serial and who won't...

I have 3 bikes I'll eventually be motoring.... long term project.
I had a long lunch break today and had to head to Framinghma for work, called in said I might be late and went to eh RMV there. Had a minimal 11 minute wait and got my MB registration. Shiny little sticker, that I've mounted and put on my bike. I'm legal now!

I"ve got one more bike I need to register, and I"ll head into the Melrose (On my way home from work) and see if I can get a sticker there.
Glad to hear you were successful with your rgistration. You might want to mount the sticker separately on a small square of plastic, like I did. Then you can move it from one moter to another as needed. I used 4 5mm bolts with nylock nuts to attach it to the back of the intake cover.