Masterlink nightmare!

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  1. Okay so i've been working on motorizing my bike for 3 months now, and it has all gone OK except for the throttle (which is the cheapest thing you can buy) and most of all, the chain. I had to order some extra chain for my motor kit to make the turn on my stingray. And I thought that the extra chain came with a mastlerlink since you HAVE to have that to actually make the didn't. So I have been all over town looking for this thing. I couldn't find one because the chain is such and odd ball chain. So I go to order the mastlerlink from the guy I ordered the kit from...and of course he's sold out. So I order it from another website, and when I receive it it doesn't fit either. So, my question is: where can I get a masterlink for the chain at a specific hardware store or something like that that will fit??? I have been waiting for so long on this build I just can't make it another week or two of waiting for a masterlink to come in the mail. Also, will I moped chain masterlink fit? Thanks for the help.

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    go to scooter sites. most gat #41 chain usually comes in 10ft. it does not stretch and is less than 15 bucks.
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    Dude, do you have a home depot nearby? I have found some strange things there including #35 and #41 chain in length and masterlinks.
    Check it out, in the screw area, in the weird stuff drawers...
  4. I have not checked there. But I checked lowes and they didn't have it. I might try home depot though. Thanks. If anyone has any more comments please leave them!
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    Master links suck! When I started freestyle riding I started breaking chains at the weakest point, which just happened to be the master link. Do yourself the favor and buy a chain tool that allows you to open and close any link by pushing the pin.