*MBc/MBRA National Rally! Ocean Park, WA August 30-31 '08*

LFL, while I was riding back up to Seattle from Ocean Park, I thought of your vids of your rides around Denver. So I got out my camera and took a short vid. I just posted it in the video thread.

I just seen it. AWESOME!!

I thought for a second you rode THE WHOLE WAY until I read this.
too cool

Thanks for the great video Tom, I just relived the whole experience and cant wait for next year! what a blast!:D
AWESOME job Tom!!! I just watched it five times in a row. Jeez, I need to get crackin' on next year's project (well actually finishing the one I wanted to take this year) for the rally!
My trike gets back here tomorrow. It's been too wet for the friction drive. I'll be able to ride again!