mirrors that last more than one season?

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  1. artmaker

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    Been buying these. (And, no, not from this seller, just pulled off a quick google image.)

    One with red reflectors for the left side, one with green for the right.

    But.... already replaced the red one (which gets yoinked on more) twice, and the green one just fell off the other day. AGAIN!

    Ready for something better but I love this style.

    Anyone buy motorcycle mirrors? Looking at my husbands motorcycle those look SO much sturdier. But also the base is too big for my bicycle handlebars.

    What's the best option here?

  2. professor

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    I got a couple of "Sunlite" brand mirrors from a local biek store. I did make weld on mounts for them rather than the standard clamps. I like them. Check your LBS or maybe Niagara cycle.
  3. AussieSteve

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    I fitted 'Mountain Mirrycle' bar-end mirrors to both of my bikes and have never had a problem. (About 1500km between the two.) Pretty good with the 2-stroke and vibration, too. (Sorry, don't have a link. Got them from eBay.)
    You can see the mirrors in some of the pics in the album on my profile page.
    (Just realised that the pic of the electric was taken before I fitted the mirror.)

    I should add, these mirrors are slightly convex, so you get a good view but judging distance is tricky.
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  4. artmaker

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    Those are the kind that go right out the end of the handlebars it looks like.

    Won't work. My garage door, (only working one) is BARELY big enough to get the bike in. And that's with mirrors that stick up from the bars. I need to find traditional style like that. Just better quality. Those ones I keep buying don't even make it one summer before they rip right off the post.

    Thanks for the reply though. I really wish I could get a bigger door on the garage. Wouldn't be an issue then.
  5. AussieSteve

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    They do fold in, but then you need to adjust them every time, a PITA.
  6. Luka

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    That's what chainsaws are for.