Moon Dog Rebuild

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  1. After building this bike 5 yrs ago,my son was going too fast around a corner and wrecked it. Bending front rim,tank.He was unhurt but bike sat around for 6 months while other projects came and went. Finally got some parts out and started playing around with them.Still have some issues with fitment of fat back tire to sort out ,but its going to be worth it.Here is pic of progress so far.[​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Yep. It's looking nice already.

    From time to time I think about those old Moon Dogs. Way, way back now. Like 5 years or so.

    They were all over this site. Every second bike was a Moon Dog. My very first build was a Kulana. It was a 24 inch single speed. Tight fit. And it was too small for me, really. But it was a sweet bike, all the same. In fact, I'll insert a photo.
    Kulana mb1.jpg

    Now I don't see any Kulanas and I don't think the Beast of Bentonville carries them anymore. Funny how they popped up and then disappeared.