Morini FM-128




Here is one of the photos sent to me by the folks at Herndan of the bike they use around town. I'll post the rest later when I learn how to do this better and also some of my own.
That is so nice. Just the ticket for a lady's bicycle.
No more than a 1/2 gal tank that can be drained easily to keep the fuel fresh.

It is on the want list. I would expect no woman to want to do 30+mph on a bicycle. No chain, wet clutch, gears running in lube oil. Shoot! Nothing to do but ride it with a clean air filter.
I would install a support bracket on that long pull start tube, wouldn't want that to bend or break.
I think it has lighting power at 3.5watts@6V.

The name is gotta n in there JHarkins. :D
The engine is wired to provide lights, the instructions are in the manual.

Also a schematic for a 3 watt regualtor circuit is available at ''. This will allow the magneto to charge batteries and automaticaly change over to power the lights when you turn them on. It was designed for use with a dynamo hub.
Here are the rest of the Herdan photos. I'm finaly learning how to do this stuff.



Thank you for the correction. "" is the north american distributer for Morini Motori engines.
That's a cool looking motor wheel. I like it!! (& I"m NO Lady :LOL: )

At 1st read, I thought ol'pete was yanking you about a girls bike.....but after re-reading his post, I agree! I can't count the times my bikes have flung oil on my pants & shoes. Appears to be a clean set-up. (sorry Ol'Pete ;) )

I moved this topic in here. We want pics of your bike in the gallery.
Can't wait to see what you build.....
Its clean and will push a 26" no faster than 20mph, from what I have read.
Bicycle speed limits, in-town, for the EU, are 20mph.
Plus Harden used a lady's step-through for their in-town rider.
Plus JHarkins' wife likes/wants the rig he built, so he may be in the market for another or something with more pep. :cool:

I too like it but at near $500 shipped for just the motor/hub assy it will take some thought.
Moto Morini does not make sub-standard engines. Some of their M/C offerings of the past were dated but lived long.
Morini is producing the KTM bike engines. One of their own offerings is rated at 11.3hp for a 50cc engine and another is a 65cc at 16.7hp. But that 65cc costs Just under a grand$. I'll be posting the photos of my bike in about a week, lets hope.
Ok, where did you hear about that 50cc monster? Will these be available in the USA? Just curious...
You will find the discription of these engines at They also produce the 900cc Benelli race engine and, from what I've read now own 'Moto Morini' which use to be a seperate company (family cousin). I believe all five of the engines on that page are offered by Herdan. The site page at Herdan is (not working)
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