Moto 2.0 AKA The Beast

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    Well, the old moto is gone and the new moto has emerged. This is based on the prefabbed GT2-A frame and I am very happy with it!

    Here's a mock up with wheels, tires, saddle and 1 /1/8' threadless stem. The headset is included with the frame. All you need is a fork and a stem. beast1.jpg

    Here is the build up as a perfectly functioning bicycle:


    Here is a nearly final result:


    I can't ride it yet as I got surprised by the fuel tank. It has a female thread that, very fortunately, links up with a WATTS LFA-40 needle valve that I found at the hardware store. That should serve nicely as a petcock. But I will still need to find a suitable step down to a 1/4 barb to run the fuel line. That's tomorrow's problem. These brass fitting threads have always confused me with their MIP, FIP, etc. If I have to, maybe I will run a tiny bit of copper tubing.

    I could maybe use my stock petcock by finding some kind of adapter. The GTA-2 thread is something like M10 x ??? The stok petcock I have has a 1/2'or so female coupling.

    This should be one of the easier problems to solve.

    My biggest problem was one I suspected: my 415 chain was one link short! I'll have to buy a new one but I think I was successful in ADDING the last link I removed from it. When I removed it, I was careful to only move the link the absolute minimum to free it. All my years of bicycle maintenance taught me to do that. Using a block of wood, a small hammer, a small pair of vice grips and a chain tool, I was able to slowly work the chain stud back through to a workable position! The link is loose and looks like the others. I think it will be fine.

    So, since the sun was setting and there was no way to gas it up, I took the new build out for a 2 mile pedal ride. Geez, everything is solid and smooth. Need to tweak the rear canti brakes and the stem is a tad off line, but this thing is ready to roll!